About us

McGregor is a village in the Western Cape province of South-Africa. Pretty as a picture, but no paradise for many of the residents who deal with poverty, unemployment, teenage pregnancies, drug- and alcohol abuse and high levels of criminality.

This situation is not exclusive to McGregor, of course, but McGregor is special in that the children have access to after-school activities in the areas of dance, music and theatre. And the evidence is that these initiatives provide both hope and a concrete perspective
on a better future.

The immediate reward of being part of a creative process is already a novel and fulfilling part of the children’s lives. But by becoming part of a supportive and stimulating structure, the children are less socially insulated, develop their social and language skills,
learn to concentrate, are more curious and become better students. Perhaps uniquely so, the horizon defining their future moves beyond McGregor.

Regrettably, the Mc Gregor projects are severely resource-constrained. It is the goal of the Stichting Symbulon to financially support projects involving dance, music and theatre, and guarantee their continuity.

Government support is not available, so as part of its mission the Stichting Symbulon
actively seeks support from individuals and companies who identify with the project goals, and are willing to contribute.

"Stichting Symbulon" and the "Symbulon Charitable Trust"

The legal framework for the project consists of two matching, not-for-profit, organizations. In the Netherlands, a “Stichting Symbulon” was formed in July 2019 and is registered in Meerssen. This Stichting enjoys ANBI status, which provides favourable tax-deductibility to Dutch sponsors.

In South Africa, the Symbulon Charitable Trust has been authorized by the Cape Town High Court as a NPO (Non-Profit Organization). The Trust is Section 18A approved that allows the Trust to issue tax deductible receipts.

The primary focus is to ensure the continuity, and encourage development, of First Step Ballet McGregor by providing financial and material support, but Symbulon Charitable Trust also supports other existing projects in the field of Dance, Music & Theatre. 

The strength of the ‘dance, music & theatre’ paradigm for the development of the local youths is so convincing and worthwhile that it deserves to be applied on a larger scale. This minimally requires sufficient funding, for which we request your assistance, but also additional dedicated individuals to scale, manage and implement the creative process.

Small changes are well known to take a large effort. The McGregor project demonstrates that success is attainable. We hope to make a small contribution to make them sustainable.