Board members

By law, a Trust requires at least a three-person management team, which – in this case – functions without financial compensation. They are:

Chairman: Jan Graat

Jan Graat is no stranger to social engineering. Even before his university studies he ‘presided’ over an international set of young people who had the ‘ambition’ to resettle in the poorest neighbourhoods, from Tolosa in Spain, to Paris & Lyon in France. Jan is very grateful to now find himself retired in a socially responsible environment, and is keen to make a contribution.

Secretary & Treasurer: Caroline van de Velde

Caroline’s initial training and employment was as a physiotherapist. Later, as a clinical perfusionist she operated the bypass machine which maintains blood flow to the body’s tissues and regulates oxygen & carbon dioxide levels during cardiac surgery. In parallel, she completed two Master Degrees at the University of Maastricht including a focus on Business Intelligence. Caroline is clearly well prepared to manage the flow of life sustaining oxygen to the Stichting!


Louise van Riet

Anne Binos