Board members

By law, a Trust requires at least a three-person management team, which – in this case – functions without financial compensation. They are:

Chairperson: Caroline van de Velde

Caroline’s initial training and employment was as a physiotherapist. Later, as a clinical perfusionist she operated the bypass machine which maintains blood flow to the body’s tissues and regulates oxygen & carbon dioxide levels during cardiac surgery. In parallel, she completed two Master Degrees at the University of Maastricht including a focus on Business Intelligence. Caroline is clearly well prepared to manage the flow of life sustaining oxygen to the Stichting!

Louise van Riet


Louise is an architect with some 35 years experience in all aspects of the industry. She trained as a contemporary dance teacher while a student, but architecture took centre stage instead! She is fortunate to be in a position to contribute towards providing the youth of McGregor access to those after-school activities that she was privileged to have experienced growing up in Cape Town, particularly dance and music.

Anne Binos


Anne grew up in Johannesburg, attending Jeppe High School for Girl and matriculating in 1967. She was Deputy Head Girls and Swimming Captain. Anne has been painting for as long as she can remember, doing Art in Matric at Jeppe Girls in Johannesburg and then a year and a half at Wits. Anne has sold many paintings in South Africa and abroad.

Anne then joined the Natal Building Society and worked there for 23 years, starting as an Enquiries Clerk and retiring as Personnel Manager. She has a wealth of admin and people skills.

Anne and Jimmy were closely involved with McGregor Tourism and the community housing developments. They are both aware of community infrastructure and needs of the children in the village and find Symbulon Trust an excellent vehicle for assisting the development of children both physically and mentally in the performing arts.

June Savage

June qualified and worked as an Intellectual Property lawyer in South Africa and Australia. Nowadays she and her husband run a grape and stone fruit farm on the outskirts of McGregor. June has a keen interest in contributing to improving the lives of less privileged people in McGregor and in particular the children of McGregor and its surrounds. She is a great admirer of Mary Corpe Silver, the founder and director of First Step Ballet McGregor, and the late Jan Graat and Caroline van de Velde, the founders of Symbulon Trust. Inspired by their work, June is a strong believer that dance and similar pursuits, can and will, and does, influence and transform lives of young people in McGregor for the better.


Jan Graat

Founder, chairman and tireless force behind the Symbulon Charitable Trust

Jan Graat was no stranger to social engineering. Even before his university studies he ‘presided’ over an international set of young people who had the ‘ambition’ to resettle in the poorest neighbourhoods, from Tolosa in Spain, to Paris & Lyon in France. Jan was very grateful to find himself retired in a socially responsible environment, and was keen to make a contribution. Unfortunately, Jan died far too early.