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Non- Profit Organization comes to life.

The videos (see below) with accompanying letter, introducing the McGregor First Step Ballet has enjoyed an extremely positive reception. The commitments already received provide a welcome basis to further build on Mary Corpe Silver’s community work. In addition, many inspiring suggestions for future initiatives were contributed.

We are therefore delighted to announce that, as a direct result of the heartwarming feedback, a not for profit organization is now being registered in The Netherlands under the name ‘Stichting Symbulon’.

Structure of the ‘Stichting’ (Foundation)

The formal structure of the foundation will meet all the legal requirements: a formal description of its essential purpose, a properly configured board, a dedicated bank account and ANBI (NPO) status – allowing contributions to be fiscally deductible. Beyond the legally required Annual Statements, the foundation will inform current and future ‘Friends of Symbulon’ through a website and newsletters. Incidental and periodic contributions, small and large, are all welcome and will together support the project. A special mention deserves a donation of € 1000,-. which, especially in South Africa, makes a big, big difference. Our next Newsletter will follow late July, early August 2019, with more news about developments. Then we can reveal something very special, which has to remain kept secret till then.

Why are we doing this

Given the fantastic responses to our original video and letter, we feel that the importance of dance for the development of young people has come across quite well. However, one of the respondents made us aware of a ‘similar’ initiative by Sir Simon Rattle, no less. Please have a look: 

Your responses are inspiring and heartwarming. A heartfelt thank you on behalf of Mary, Jan & Caroline.